Paul Ryan Commits A Crime Against America By Helping Trump With Russia Cover-Up

By giving a three-word answer at his weekly press conference, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan revealed that he is using his power to assist President Trump with his Russia cover-up.


Ryan was asked by NBC’s Kasie Hunt if Nunes should recuse himself from the Russia investigation, and if he knew who Chairman Nunes’s source was. Ryan answered, “No and no.”

Speaker Ryan is putting his partisan politics ahead of the fact that the President and members of his administration may have colluded with an enemy of the United States to win a presidential election. Ryan is using his power as Speaker of the House to assist President Trump in covering up his potential crimes. Paul Ryan has no interest in finding out the truth about the Russia/Trump relationship. He is allowing the White House to sabotage the only House investigation into the matter by allowing a Trump transition official to chair the investigative committee.

No one in the mainstream media will say it out loud, but Paul Ryan is assisting the White House cover-up, which means that the Russia scandal is no longer an Executive Branch issue. The Legislative Branch of the US government has also been compromised.

Rep. Ryan (R-WI) is not going to let the truth be discovered because doing so might jeopardize his legislative agenda and House majority.

Speaker Ryan has made the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation irrelevant. He has also harmed the integrity of the House.

The Russia scandal now has the reach, not just to bring down Trump, but to also take out the House Republican majority, because Paul Ryan has chosen to help the Trump White House cover-up their Russian crimes.