Would-Be Tough Guy Trump Isn’t the Shark – He’s the One the Shark Feeds On

National security expert John Schindler has some bad news for Trump’s people, who probably now realize they made some bad life-choices:

You get the idea that Trump’s team find themselves in over their heads. And being caught by congressional hearings are the least of their worries.

In fact, Americans haven’t seen this level of amateurishness since Richard Nixon’s failed regime.

Ana Navarro expressed sympathy for nervous-nelly Devin Nunes, tweeting that,

“Every time I see @DevinNunes on tv, he looks like a lamb being lead to slaughter. (Small) Part of me feels bad for him. So in over his head.”

Just don’t. As Evan McMullin has made clear, no one is leading Nunes to slaughter:

Former CIA guy McMullin is not alone. Former NSA guy Schindler isn’t impressed by the Trump team’s spycraft either:

And Donald Trump himself. With Jared Kushner now in the cross-hairs of investigators, you have to wonder how long Trump has. His increasingly desperate tweetstorms hint that he realizes just how much danger he is in at this point.

You have to wonder not only what they were thinking, but what Putin was thinking, or maybe the whole KGB thing went to his head too.

In fact, with Kushner now being questioned, the issue is not who was involved in collusion with Russia but who was not? As Rep. John Garamendi told MSNBC the other day, “By God, these people clearly were talking to the Russians.”

Yes. Yes, they were. As they say in the movies, “This sh*t’s about to get real.” Trump’s tweetstorm last night shows his awareness of that fact.

It might be a bit obvious at this point to start knocking off high-profile Americans who might know too much, but Putin hasn’t let the obvious stop him before.

It’s one thing to risk a congressional hearing hosted by friends of Trump. It’s another to risk death at the hands of a vindictive lunatic with a proven track record of very permanently getting even.

Would-be tough guy Donald Trump isn’t the shark. He’s the one the shark feeds on.

Trump is a gangster. A petty gangster, as it turns out, but a gangster nonetheless. Trump talks about getting even, but Vladimir Putin has shown what getting even really looks like.