Adam Schiff Just Blew Up Devin Nunes’s Russia Cover-Up For Trump

During an interview on CNN’s The Situation Room, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) just took apart all of Committee Chair Devin Nunes’s excuses for not sharing the information that he claims shows Trump was spied on.


Rep. Schiff was asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if he knew who Devin Nunes’s source is, and if the source had proper security clearance. The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee answered, “Again, I don’t know who the source is, so I don’t what clearances they have or had, but I can say that the circumstances are so irregular. If this is information that somebody wanted the committee to have why hasn’t this been presented to the committee? I can only conclude that it really doesn’t show what it’s being purported to show. Again, we’re all speculating because the Chair has been unwilling to share it with Democrats or Republicans on the committee, and that’s just not sustainable.”

Schiff was asked about Rep. Nunes’s excuse that he is keeping the information secret to protect sources and methods. He also blew that claim to bits by answering, “Sources and methods are what the agencies do in their tradecraft. It’s not what the chairman of the committee does in meeting with someone on the White House grounds. That may be protecting something, but it’s not protecting sources and methods.”

One gets the sense that Rep. Schiff and his colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee are tired of playing with Nunes. Rep. Nunes has no intelligence experience. He has no military experience. His attempts to protect Donald Trump have resulted in the chairman being in way over his head.

Schiff was right. It is common sense that if the information proved what he claims is proved, he would have made it public because it would prove Trump’s claim that he was spied on. By refusing to make the information public and disclose his source, Rep. Nunes is verifying that the info came from the White House and that it doesn’t back up Trump’s claim that he was spied on in any way.

The whole cover-up is falling apart, and if Republicans want to save the House Intelligence Committee, Speaker Ryan must remove Rep. Nunes from the chairmanship.

Adam Schiff is eating Nunes alive, and in the process shining a light on a bungled Russia cover-up that isn’t fooling anyone.