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White House In Turmoil As Voters Feel Trump Is Failing On Every Major Issue

What do the economy, health care, terrorism, and immigration have in common? Well, besides the fact that Donald Trump promised to be the best president “God ever created” to handle these issues, they’re all areas of policy in which the public believes the new president is failing.

According to a new CBS News poll, Trump is in negative territory on each of these issues.

Numbers via polling expert Will Jordan:

These numbers stand in direct contrast to President Obama’s approval early in his first term in office. Despite an economy cratering and a public fuming at Wall Street for creating a financial crisis, the same CBS poll showed the former president in positive territory by 32 points.

In the economy that Obama handed Trump, with the stock market flying high and unemployment remaining low, Trump can’t even manage to be seen positively on that issue – perhaps because Americans recognize that his policies would plunge the country back into the same economic mess that President Obama spent two terms cleaning up.

The results also show just how devastating Trump’s epic health care fail was for him. With a health care approval under water by nearly 30 points, it’s clear even some of the president’s supporters have abandoned him on this issue.

On Trump’s signature issue of immigration, which he has yet to dig into so far into his presidency, he’s in negative territory by 17 points, suggesting that voters aren’t too enthusiastic about footing the bill for his wasteful wall along the southern border.

Not only are these terrible results for a president who took office just two months ago, but they also don’t bode well for his agenda going forward.

If the president is seen as a failure on every issue, it’s hard to imagine what incentive Democrats or Republicans have to help him achieve anything during his first term. In fact, it may only encourage them to distance themselves from Trump.

That’s bad news for the president, and good news for the United States.

Sean Colarossi

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