Impeachment Case Strengthens As One Of Nunes’s Sources Personally Kept On WH Staff By Trump

The connections to the Russia scandal and the president himself have grown after it was revealed one of Devin Nunes’s sources was personally kept on the White House staff by Donald Trump.

Here is the connection between Nunes and Trump:

Ezra Cohen-Watnick is also directly connected to former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn:

The pieces are beginning to fit together. Devin Nunes got his information from the White House, but not just from the White House, from a Flynn connected staff member in the White House. It is impossible to believe that the White House is not hiding something as it relates to Russia.

There is evidence growing by the minute of White House/House Republican cover-up. Congress can’t be trusted to investigate this scandal. An independent investigation is the only way that the truth will be uncovered.

The connections directly to Donald Trump are expanding. When the truth is finally exposed on Russia, impeachment may, and perhaps should be, on the table.