Nancy Pelosi Calls Out Devin Nunes’ ‘Bizarre’ Behavior on TODAY Show

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on the TODAY show this morning to talk about House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ “bizarre” behavior, saying,

“I’ve never seen behavior this bizarre on the part of the chairman.”

Watch courtesy of NBC:

“I have a long experience in the intelligence committee — served with Republican and Democratic chairmen. I’ve been the top Democrat there myself. I’ve never seen behavior this bizarre on the part of the chairman.”

Pelosi said what every Democrat is certainly thinking at this point, that,

“We really have to take some steps back, and hope that in the administration there are some adults someplace who can say this is not fair to the American people.”

She also pointed out that “Whether the president was aware or not is one thing, the Trump administration certainly was, and it is very bizarre.”

Bizarre is certainly the word for it, and things have only gotten stranger with Donald Trump’s equally bizarre endorsement of Flynn’s request for immunity.

If the American people do not know what is going on, there is some consolation to be found in the thought that neither does Donald Trump.

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