Trump Says Flynn ‘Should Ask for Immunity’ Which Leads to Twitter Feeding Frenzy

Donald Trump this morning bizarrely tweeted that Michael Flynn should ask for immunity in exchange for testimony, leading to new questions about Trump’s vaunted IQ.

As Salon’s Amanda Marcotte put it,

Conservative editor of the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, had the same thought:

He then quickly added,

No. Panic isn’t pretty. Neither is the colossal ignorance of our ‘president,’ who is showing anything but grace under fire. Of course, he made the messy bed and now he’s got to “lie” in it.

Kristol later had second thoughts, entertaining the curious notion that,

It is difficult to understand why Trump would want to stand by Flynn if Flynn plans to spill the beans on his former boss.

On the other hand, Trump really may not understand what is going on. He hasn’t shown us yet, after all, that he has any understanding at all of how government works.

Former Guantanamo prosecutor Col. Morris Davis explains that Trump certainly should know what immunity is:

When you think about Trump’s life and as Davis reminds us, all he has gotten away with, you have to wonder if Amanda Marcotte isn’t on to something when she says:

That is the life Donald Trump has led, a life of complete immunity to all his actions. He clearly expects more of the same as president. He told us, after all, that the rules did not apply to him. And he seems to sincerely believe that.

If so, he is about to get a “bigly” awakening as to the true nature of reality when all his fake news comes around to bite him on his backside and he learns what immunity from prosecution really means.