Trump’s Bad Week Gets Worse As Hillary Clinton Shows Him What A Real President Sounds Like

As Donald Trump fumbles towards impeachment one tweet at a time, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at Georgetown University that reminded the country of how competent political leadership is supposed to look, sound, and act.


While Trump was off in the corner somewhere tweeting about immunity for Mike Flynn, Clinton was speaking at the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security where she said, “As this institute has grown, so, too has the body of evidence showing that when women participate in peacemaking and peacekeeping, we are all safer and more secure. Studies show — here I go again, talking about research, evidence, and facts, but, in fact, when women are included in peace negotiations, agreements are less likely to fail and more likely to last.”

Imagine that a political leader who speaks from experience, knowledge, empathy, passion, and power about human rights. It’s as if Hillary Clinton really cares about other people. Donald Trump is spending his time and his presidency fighting off a scandal that at its heart suggests that a very selfish and insecure man collaborated with an enemy of the United States of America so that he could win an election.

Trump’s presidency is shaping up to be as empty and potentially criminal as the man himself.

Hillary Clinton may not be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but that hasn’t stopped the former Democratic nominee/Secretary of State/Senator/First Lady from using her voice and reminding us all that Donald Trump is temporary. There are still great leaders who uphold the values of America’s commitment to human rights speaking out all across the country.

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