Fill The Swamp: Trump White House Has Combined Net Worth Of $12 Billion

After spending a year and a half promising to “drain the swamp” and be the president for the “forgotten men and women” of the country, Donald Trump now has at least one accomplishment to his name – having the wealthiest White House in history.

According to newly released financial disclosures, the administration is riddled with millionaires, bringing the total net worth of this White House to more than $12 billion, a new report from The Hill notes.


More from the report:

A month after his Election Day victory, then-President-Elect Donald Trump boasted that he wanted “people that made a fortune” to join his fledgling administration.


Financial disclosures from dozens of top White House officials released Friday night reveal an administration stacked with millionaires, whose combined net worth exceeds $12 billion.


The filings shed new light on the business webs and conflicts held by some of Trump’s most prominent aides and advisers when they began entered government.


They detail the investments, salaries and assets of Trump’s senior staff, opening the personal finances of many as 180 administration officials to public scrutiny. Trump himself, whose personal wealth is said to be in the billions, is not included in the releases. 

The report noted that the wealthiest members of his team are son-in-law Jared Kushner and top adviser on the economy and former president of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn – hardly men that help validate Trump’s claim that he will advance policies to help the average American.


It’s certainly no guarantee that having a handful of wealthy advisers in the White House means a president’s policies will hurt the average American. On paper, the President of the United States has the final say to run his or her own government and implement policies that they believe will be most effective.

In Trump’s White House, though, the folks he has chosen to surround himself with are likely to have more power because of how little this new president knows about running the government and implementing public policy.


The fact that he will be leaning so heavily on billionaires with connections to Wall Street and backgrounds in economic policy that benefits the wealthy means that Trump’s policies will likely reflect that.

All of this has been clear during the president’s first two months in office, as many of Trump’s proposals, from his disastrous health care legislation to his proposed budget cuts, would hurt the “little guy” and benefit the wealthy.

Donald Trump may be loud and think he is all-powerful, but at the end of the day, he is a know-nothing empty suit surrounded by a millionaires who are calling the shots.