Hypocrite Trump Attacked Use of Anonymous Sources in February. Now He’s Citing Them

Donald Trump has been watching his replacement for the U.S. intelligence community again, Fox News.

In another desperate attempt to draw attention away from his deepening RussiaGate scandal, Donald Trump cited a Fox News report about Trump associates being “unmasked.”

Watch the report that got Trump all in a lather, courtesy of Fox News:

Here are Trump’s tweets. Notice his level of excitement over the news:

The Fox News story, you will notice, depended entirely on anonymous sources for any imagined veracity.

Now remember that it was just a month ago that Donald Trump was saying journalists “shouldn’t be allowed” to cite anonymous sources, as MNBCS’s Kyle Griffin helpfully pointed out:

In case you’re curious, former Hillary Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri offers a likely explanation for Trump’s outburst:

“Here’s what’s happening. Trump NSC staff cherry picks intel which appears to back up Trump and leaks it to Fox so Trump can retweet it.”

Donald Trump, who loved WikiLeaks when it was working against Hillary Clinton, hated leaks when they worked against him, tweeting a seemingly endless outpouring of rage.

Now Donald Trump, who hated anonymous sources when they worked aginst him, thinks they are great when they are working for him.

Trump’s dishonesty knows no bounds, but it is matched only by his hypocrisy and his complete lack of shame.

This is your tax dollars at work: Our so-called president, still at 0 days without being a national embarrassment.