Maxine Waters Storms MSNBC To Slam Trump’s ‘Kremlin Clan’, Flynn’s Immunity Request


Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters continued to be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare on Saturday, storming MSNBC’s AM Joy to call the Trump White House the “Kremlin clan” and slam Michael Flynn’s request for immunity as the Russia investigation continues to unfold in Congress.

Waters tore apart Flynn, saying she thinks he is “deeply involved” in this scandal.



In her blistering criticism of Flynn and his request to be granted immunity in return for his testimony to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Waters said:

Well, I’m very pleased that [Flynn] is being turned down. He’s trying to get in there early before the investigation brings down the kind of information that is absolutely needed and so I think they did the right thing by not giving him immunity at this point. I think that Michael Flynn is involved in so many ways with this Trump organization. I think that not only did he lie to the vice president and to everybody else. I think that he’s deeply involved in what I call the ‘Kremlin clan’. And so I’m glad that he did not get immunity. 

The Democratic congresswoman wasn’t done. She also expressed outrage over GOP Congressman Devin Nunes and his complete incompetence running the House investigation of Trump’s Russia ties.

Of Nunes, she said:

The Intelligence Committee in the House can’t continue under his leadership. He has no credibility, he has lied, as a matter of fact, he has been bumbling and stumbling with all of this. And, it’s almost childish in the way that he’s showing that he’s but a puppet of the president. I think he needs to either step down or Paul Ryan needs to take him away from that committee or shut down the committee on this issue. They cannot go forward with him in the leadership.

After facing constant heat in recent days from Republicans, particularly from Fox News right-wing hack Bill O’Reily, Waters is showing that she has no plans of backing down or being intimidated by her opponents.

The American people want – and, most importantly, deserve – a thorough and independent investigation into this serious matter, and Waters understands that. While the Trump White House may want to brush this under the rug and call it a partisan witch-hunt, each week continues to bring new and explosive developments.

With members of Congress like Maxine Waters calling them out, Trump and the White House will not get away with lying about or diverting attention from their clear ties to Russia.