The White House Lies About Trump Working When He’s Really Playing Golf With Rand Paul

The White House claimed that Donald Trump was holding meetings on Sunday. It turned out that those “meetings” were a golf date with Sen. Rand Paul at one of Trump’s golf courses.

The news that Trump was spending another weekend golfing while the White House tried to fool people into believing that he was working came from White House press pool reports provided to PoliticusUSA.

First, it was reported via the pool that, “Motorcade arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va. at 10:44 am. Secret Service was inspecting a golf cart upon arrival. WH staff says POTUS is having meetings. No further information at this time but will update if more comes in.

The White House tried to claim that Trump was having meetings, but after the AP had caught a pic of Sen. Rand Paul with a golf glove hanging out of his back pocket while dressed in a windbreaker, the White House admitted that Trump was “meeting” on a golf course that he owns to talk about health care with Rand Paul,

The White House press pool later reported, “An update from WH Deputy Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham: POTUS is playing golf with Sen. Rand Paul and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. ‘They’re discussing a variety of topics, including healthcare.'”

The story went from the White House telling reporters that the president was holding meetings to the president is playing golf and he is going to talk about health care with Paul and Mulvaney.
Donald Trump has played golf once every 5.5 days during his presidency. Trump is playing golf more often than former President Obama. The problem is that between Trump’s hours spent daily planted in front of his television watching Fox News, and his weekends either at his Florida private club or on the golf course, this President isn’t spending very much time doing that job that he was elected to do.

The White House is only making the problem worse by pretending that Trump is working instead of playing golf.

Trump is a part-time president who isn’t getting anything done. The White House needs to stop treating the people of the United States like they are idiots and admit that Trump would rather be on the golf course or at his private club than in the Oval Office doing his job.