Katy Tur Obliterates Hypocrite House Republican Trying To Defend Trump

NBC’s Katy Tur hammered the hypocrisy of Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) who said that he would trust Trump even though he is under federal investigation while also claiming that Hillary Clinton should not have been trusted.


Tur asked Rep. Mo Brooks would you trust a president who was under FBI investigation?

Rep. Brooks answered that the FBI investigation might exonerate Trump of false claims. Brooks told the American people to wait and see and give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Tur followed up by asking if Brooks would have the same opinion if Clinton were president.

Brooks responded that Clinton has a longer track record in public policy and that she misrepresented the truth about Benghazi and Libya.

Tur responded, “Respectfully, Congressman, President Trump has misrepresented the truth so many times that I can’t count them on my two hands.

Brooks brought up the debunked Clinton Russian uranium deal conspiracy, and Tur had more facts, “That had to be approved by seven different agencies, including an independent agency.”

Rep. Brooks said that Trump had only been in office, but Clinton had been there for years and years.

Tur came back with, “Respectfully, in the two months that he has been there, he has brought up a number of things that just don’t have any evidence to support it. That includes voter fraud. That includes President Obama wiretapping his phones. He said certainly a lot of things that are not true, a lot of things, so it doesn’t seem like your argument holds water in that respect.”

Katy Tur showed what happens to Republicans who find themselves having to defend Donald Trump. The arguments that Rep. Brooks made to defend his hypocrisy ranged from conspiratorial to nonsensical. Watching Brooks struggle to defend the president, it was easy to see why Trump is a giant liability for the Republican Party.

A journalist who is prepared with facts can wipe the floor with any Trump defender because facts and reality are this president’s kryptonite.