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Trump Claims Fake Fox News Scandal Rest of Media Ignores is ‘The Real Story’

When you realize 70 percent of what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is a lie, you realize how little value his claim this morning has, that he’s the real victim of the RussiaGate scandal. Again relying on Fox News rather than the intel community’s pesky facts, Trump tweeted:

Never mind Trump’s painful English, which makes it sound as if Fox & Friends is the perpetrator of the “crooked scheme” used against him. That only makes him a liar with poor grammar.

What seems to have Trump all riled up is a Fox & Friends report this morning that,

“Bombshell report over the weekend shows a ‘very high up’ Obama official unmasking Trump associates for political purposes, sources say.”

But it is a bombshell nobody else seems to have heard or seen, one of the many actual facts that trouble Fox News. If you listen, you can almost hear echoes of Glenn Beck’s plaintive cry: Why is nobody talking about this?

Their outrage was on display this morning when they reported that the “mainstream media” – meaning NBC News, CBS, CNN, ABC, MSNBC – have spent 0 minutes covering what Fox News is treating as the scandal of the century.

Well, it’s not actual news, is it? As MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin said in response to Trump’s tweet, “Trump could get his info from Intel reports. Instead, he chooses Fox and Friends.”

Their outrage – Trump’s and Fox’s – is easily understood. After all, it was Fox News that started the so-called Benghazi scandal that derailed Hillary Clinton’s career and consumed the dutiful and deluded attention of the mainstream media for years.

And it’s not working this time. Now when they need their lies to resonate the most.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) himself took to Fox & Friends this morning to put paid to Trump’s continued scheming, accurately explaining to the scandalized panel that,

“Any suggestion that the Obama administration was spying on Trump team, it’s a distraction, it’s a smoke bomb, and it’s been dismissed roundly.”

The fact is, the real victim is not smoke-bomb-lobbing Donald Trump, who is desperately flailing to avoid impeachment or worse.

Trump’s role in this tragicomedy was not as victim but as traitor, selling out to a foreign power.

As national security expert John Schindler explained the role of this “nasty foreign malfeasance,”

“Founding Fathers fought hard to keep foreign interference out of US politics. Over 200 years later we failed them. It will be paid in blood.”

The real victims are the American people. Trump’s smirking betrayal of his oath of office is the real story.

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