One Number Proves That Most American Are Definitely Not Behind Trump

“Trump falls below 40% approval for the first time in our average,” Nate Silver of 538 noted, linking to their approval ratings for Trump.

According to 538’s compilation, Trump is now at 39.8% approval and 53.6% disapproval as an average of the major polls. That is to say, Donald Trump is way under water. He is holding on to the hardcore Republican base in this average, but some individual polls have shown a peeling off of support by Trump supporters.

A McClatchy-Marist Poll published on March 31st showed a shift in Republicans’ views about Trump’s job performance. “While more than three in four Republicans, 78%, have a positive opinion of how the president is performing in his post, the proportion has declined from 85% last month.”

This looks like a trend, because in a Politico/Morning Consult poll that covered the days of March 24 to the 25th, President Trump took a beating in approval ratings after the humiliating defeat of Trumpcare, with the strongly approve/strongly disapprove showing him at an astonishing low 23/38. The decline in Trump’s approval ratings in this poll was sharper among Republicans and Independents than Democrats, and he lost his own supporters by 6%.

Republicans have a solid 35-37% in polls. Today, in the 538 average of polls, Trump is clinging barely to 39.8%. That is to say, his agenda is dead on arrival, and his presidency is taking on water. It’s hard to say if it’s the Russia scandal, the Twitter meltdowns, the failure to follow through on promises like repealing Obamacare or the repeated rejection of his immigration executive order by a judge, but overall Trump entered office with a historically low approval rating, having lost the popular vote and run a campaign comprised mostly of divisive hatred topped off with violent rhetoric.

Trump is in office only due to a Russian assist that he may or may not have colluded with, but he and Republicans certainly benefited from.

The illegitimate president has the numbers to prove it.