Trump Trying To Revive Politically Suicidal Health Care Plan As Approval Rating Craters

Even has his approval rating as dropped by double-digits since last month, according to a new poll, Donald Trump is still clinging to his disastrously unpopular health care plan.

According to Kristen Welker of NBC News, Trump said he plans to revive the push to kick 24 million Americans off their health insurance plans and, in the process, give a massive tax cut for the wealthy.


It appears that all it took to bring Rand Paul aboard the Trumpcare train was a round a golf, but convincing the rest of the country to support his politically suicidal health care crusade will be a tough climb for the president as the American people increasingly view him as a failure.

A new IBD/TIPP poll released on Monday shows his approval rating in a death spiral.

According to the survey, only 34 percent of Americans support the job he’s done so far. Among independent voters, that number is even worse with 29 percent giving the president a thumbs up.

In other words, if there was a time for the president to revive Trumpcare, now would not be it.

Not only would the health care plan be disastrous for the country – especially the people who supported Trump last fall – but it would accelerate the pace of the president’s implosion and likely be something Trump would never recover from.