Nancy Pelosi Destroys Trump for Taking our Internet Privacy by Pointing to His Secrets

In a statement released the following Donald Trump’s signing of S.J. Res. 34, to strip away Americans’ internet privacy, Nancy Pelosi said,

“Someone with as many hidden secrets as President Trump should have greater respect for the privacy of the American people.”

She went on to state that,

“President Trump’s signature has unleashed internet service providers to sell your most intimate personal information – without your knowledge or your consent. This Republican measure is a breathtaking violation of Americans’ privacy in one of the most personal parts of their lives.

“Republicans will do anything to keep President Trump’s tax returns hidden. But they’ve decided to sell Americans’ most personal and sensitive information to anyone with the money to buy it. Democrats will be fighting back to restore Americans’ right to basic privacy on the internet.”

Trump’s signing of S.J. Res. 34 was a big blow to the American people and a gift to big corporations, and handing over our money – and now our private information – to corporations has been the hallmark of the Trump presidency.

Nancy Pelosi is right that somebody with as many secrets as Trump, and as desperate to keep those secrets hidden, has no business giving away our private information for profit.

All Republicans can do in response is utter those magic words, “What about Obama?”

I’ll answer them here: President Obama was the guy who tried to protect our privacy. Do try to keep up.

Fortunately, while Republicans are doing all in their power to sell us out to their corporate owners, Democrats are doing all in their power to protect us. The battle will not end here.