Voters Nearly Unanimously Give Obama Credit For The Economy As Trump’s Fake News Fails

Voters are not being fooled by Donald Trump’s nearly daily barrage of fake news about how he is growing or saving the economy. According to new Quinnipiac University poll, voters are giving former President Obama credit for the economy by a 66%-18% margin.

The Quinnipiac University Poll released today found, “A total of 52 percent of voters say the American economy is “excellent” or “good,” while 45 percent say it is “not so good” or “poor.” Former President Barack Obama is more responsible than President Trump for the current state of the economy, voters say 66 – 18 percent, including 64 – 26 percent among Republicans. Republicans in Congress.”

Despite the fact that Donald Trump views himself as a jobs president, the American people give him an upside down 41% approve to 48% disapproval rating on the economy.

Despite all of Trump’s empty rhetoric and big promises about jobs, voters aren’t buying it. They understand that Trump inherited a good economy from President Obama and that the credit goes to the president who came into office preventing a new great depression left office with the longest job growth streak in history.

Once Trump’s tax cuts and redistributing wealth policies impact the economy, Democrats are going to have a built in and very receptive audience of voters for their message about how they are the party of economic growth for all.

What is clear from the polling is that for as much as voters dislike Trump personally, they disagree even more with his policies.

If the scandals don’t bring down Trump, it is a near certainty that his unpopular agenda will.

Few voters are buying what Donald Trump is selling on the economy.