White House Reeling After Democrat On Intel Committee Says Trump Aides Will Face Jail Time

The White House is reeling on Tuesday as a top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said jail time is likely for Donald Trump’s associates over their connections to Russia.

Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro who serves on the House Intelligence Committee told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, during an exchange about the Trump-Russia investigation, that he predicts some of the president’s campaign associates will “end up in jail.”


“My impression is, I wouldn’t be surprised that after all of this is said and done, that some people end up in jail,” Castro said on CNN, citing information that he wasn’t able to share publicly.

Blitzer pushed back and asked him to elaborate, but Castro wouldn’t go much further, suggesting that the evidence will eventually validate his prediction and he would provide a comment when the facts are brought to light.

What should be troubling for Trump and the White House is that Castro has access to significantly more intel than the average member of Congress since he’s on the House Intelligence Committee. If what he is seeing right now – before the investigation has even been completed – suggests that jail time is on the table for some people in Trump’s orbit, that spells major trouble for the administration.

Castro’s remarks come after a recent report showed that former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page met with a Russian spy back in 2013 – just the latest development in this explosive scandal.

Buckle up, folks, this story isn’t going anywhere.