Maxine Waters Destroys Trump’s Foreign Policy Incompetence: He Needs To ‘Shut Up’

Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters was in rare form on Wednesday night, obliterating Donald Trump’s complete incompetence on foreign policy and saying she wishes somebody who knows a thing or two about foreign policy could get him to “shut up.”

Waters said, “I get nervous whenever I hear the president talk about foreign affairs.”

Join the club, congresswoman.


When asked about the foreign policy challenges facing the world and the new president’s response to those challenges, Waters said:

I get nervous anytime I hear the president talk about foreign affairs. I get nervous when he denies to shake the hand of one of our strongest allies. I get nervous when he tries to bluff the president of China. I get nervous when he basically does not know what he’s talking about. This is a president who didn’t go to the briefings. He didn’t have time to listen to the experts talk about what is happening in the world and on foreign affairs, so I don’t want him really speaking for the United States. You heard something today about him taking a different attitude on Assad and Syria. Well, what is that? Is that American policy? Did he make it up on the spot? Does he know what he’s talking about? No, he doesn’t. So I think it’s a mistake for us to believe that somehow he’s going to ever be able to engage in diplomacy, that he’s going to be able to work out ways that we can stay out of war. And so I have no trust and no confidence in him, and I really wish that there was some way we could rein him in. I wish that our foreign affairs experts could somehow get his ear and at least tell him to shut up, to just stop it. 

Waters isn’t being too hard on Trump – she is spot on, and the American people share the same concerns about Trump’s complete lack of knowledge and competence in the area of foreign policy.

Specifically, on the latest foreign policy crisis facing the world when it comes to Syria, the president’s poor grasp of foreign affairs was on full display on Wednesday.

As Jason Easley of PoliticusUSA wrote today of Trump’s disastrous news conference , “Trump rambled and tried to change the subject, but he couldn’t hide his gross ignorance.”

Over and over again, the president has proudly displayed his ignorance on matters of international importance. As more and more pressing foreign policy issues begin to hit his desk, like the increasing threat of North Korea and the recent chemical attack in Syria, this will put the country and the entire world at risk.

Maxine Waters isn’t the only American nervous tonight. The entire country is.