Trump Remains Silent After Russia Refuses To Blame Assad For Deadly Chemical Attack

After a horrific and deadly chemical attack in Syria killed as many as 100 innocent civilians, many of them children, Russia has come forward to deny what just about everybody in the world is willing to acknowledge – that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind for the attack on his own people.

While the official position of the United States and much of the world is that Assad was responsible and must go, Trump remained silent at Wednesday’s news conference on Russia’s open denial of Assad’s role in the attack.

“U.S. officials rejected Russia’s assertion that Syrian rebels were to blame for the attack,” Reuters noted on Wednesday, adding, however, that “Trump did not mention Russia in his comments.”

That’s right. Trump didn’t make a single peep about Russia, a key player when it comes to Syria, in today’s rambling news conference. Instead, the childish president bragged about his still-secret plan to resolve the crisis in Syria and threw a tantrum about Barack Obama and the supposed mess that Trump inherited.

As innocent people in Syria were left dead or fighting for their lives after Assad’s chemical attack, Trump complained about having to carry out his responsibilities and refused to call out Russia for their denials.

It doesn’t matter how many members of the administration, from Nikki Haley to Rex Tillerson, call out Russia for their defense of Bashar al-Assad. It’s all meaningless if the man at the top – Donald Trump – refuses to do so because of a bizarre affection he has for Vladimir Putin and Russia.

It’s almost as if Moscow can do wrong in the eyes of Trump because Russian interference is largely the reason why Trump is in the White House to begin with.

If the United States wants to make a positive impact on the crisis in Syria and issue a strong and rational response, the commander-in-chief must call out Russia for constantly standing up for a man who continues unleashing barbaric and despicable chemical attacks on his own people.