Trump’s Russia Denials Are Falling Apart As Steve Bannon Is Removed From The NSC

Trump’s Russia denials just fell apart as after months of denying that they knew Mike Flynn had Russia connections, White House officials admitted that they knew Flynn “had problems” which is why Steve Bannon was on the NSC.

Rosie Gray of The Atlantic tweeted:

The White House claimed that Flynn was let go because he lied to Vice President Pence, but it turns out that this wasn’t true. Bannon was named to the National Security Council on January 29, so the Trump administration knew about Flynn, and they were worried enough to send Steve Bannon in to keep an eye on him.

The Trump administration’s Russia denial continue to be contradicted by facts. What is clear is that the White House is going to try to change the subject from their potential collusion with Russia during the presidential campaign to Susan Rice. If the Susan Rice distraction doesn’t stick, they are going to throw Mike Flynn under the bus.

Trump hasn’t been telling the truth about Russia, and the removal of Steve Bannon is another crack in the administration’s wall of denial.