Devin Nunes Blames The Left For Ouster From House Intel Committee Russia Investigation

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) stepped down as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation and blamed the activists on the left for his recusal.

Here is the statement from Nunes:

Nunes is being investigated for potentially leaking classified information.

CNN’s Manu Raju reported that Nunes didn’t bother to inform the rest of the members of the House Intelligence Committee that he was stepping down from the Russia investigation.

The fact that Bunes has been replaced by two fellow members of the committee, including “Benghazi” Trey Gowdy is not a great sign for the hope of a non-partisan investigation, but the departure of Nunes will allow the investigation to resume.

Nunes is still the Intel Committee Chair so it is still possible that he could influence the investigation. Nunes will still have access to intelligence as a member of the Gang of Eight, so this victory isn’t as much of a win as some might think. The real victory would be getting Devin Nunes off of the Intelligence Committee.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is standing by Nunes, which means that there are new faces in front of the House’s Trump cover-up operation, but the goal is the same.

Here’s Ryan’s statement:

The left did not cause Nunes to get classified information from the White House, carry out a charade where he briefed the president on White House information, and then hold two press conferences to help Trump. Those were all Nunes’s actions. Rep. Nunes is blaming the left because he got caught. Devin Nunes still has taken no responsibility for what he has done, and he clearly doesn’t believe that he did anything wrong.

There is one man who is responsible for the mess that the House Intelligence Committee chairman finds himself in, and that’s Devin Nunes.

The fact that he would blame the left is proof that the House is incapable of doing a non-partisan investigation. The only way that the American people will get the truth is through an independent process.