Trump Devastated As Adam Schiff Says Devin Nunes Never Derailed The Russia Investigation

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had some bad news for Donald Trump. Devin Nunes failed to derail the Russia investigation.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, House Intelligence Committee ranking member, Rep. Adam Schiff said, “Today, Chairman Nunes announced that he will be stepping aside from the Russia investigation and passing the reins to Representative Mike Conaway. I know this was not an easy decision for the Chairman, with whom I have worked well for many years. He did so in the best interests of the committee and I respect that decision. I look forward to my continued work with the Chairman on the whole host of other important issues that our committee oversees every day, in our effort to make sure that the country is protected and our civil liberties are maintained. With respect to Representative Conaway, I look forward to joining with him and putting our investigation fully back on track. The important work of investigating the Russian involvement in our election never subsided, but we have a fresh opportunity to move forward in the unified and nonpartisan way that an investigation of this seriousness demands.”

Schiff expanded on his comments during a brief media availability:

Rep. Schiff said, “It is important to note that the investigation never went into hiatus. We continue to develop out witness list, to work out some of the logistics in terms of how we bring people before the committee what the process will be. We continue to go through the documents, as I understand it, now the materials that the chairman viewed at the White House that I subsequently viewed are now being made available to the full committee. I think that is a positive step as well.”

The point of Devin Nunes running to the White House to try to drum up an investigation into whether Trump was spied on by Obama was to distract the committee from their task of investigating potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia. According to Schiff, the White House failed at this task.

Trump has not only lost his mole leading the committee, but he failed to distract from the point of the investigation.

It is all bad news for Trump, as the incompetent president can’t even make his powers of distraction effective from the Oval Office.