Trump Makes Jokes From His Vacation Resort While Pence Decides How To Deal With Syria

While Vice President Mike Pence is reportedly working from the White House to craft a response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, Donald Trump is currently at his Mar-a-Lago vacation home making jokes with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Ignoring questions about what he plans to do about Syria, Trump instead thought it was an appropriate time to make jokes.


While the Syrian people are looking for an American response that won’t make their problems worse, the commander-in-chief said:

The president of China and his incredibly talented wife, a great, great celebrity in China, a great singer – it’s an honor to have you in the United States. We’ve had a long discussion already, and so far I have gotten nothing, absolutely nothing. But we have developed a friendship, I can see that. And I think long term, we’re going to have a very, very great relationship and I look very much forward to it.

Once again, Donald Trump is proving that he is unready and unfit to deal with an international incident as major as this one. Instead of immediately taking charge and returning back to the White House, or at least laying out how he plans to move forward, he is wining, dining, and making wisecracks with the Chinese president.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, several reports indicate that the vice president is huddling with officials at the White House and crafting a response to the crisis in Syria. That’s right – Trump is essentially delegating the responsibilities of the commander-in-chief to Mike Pence, so his long weekend in Florida doesn’t get interrupted.

This is what happens when a categorically unqualified, attention-craving game show host is given the keys to the Oval Office. Trump has now realized that being president is more than just a powerful label. There are actual responsibilities – none more important than being commander-in-chief.

Luckily, he has Mike Pence for that.