White House Admits That Syria Missile Strike Was A Meaningless Publicity Stunt

Last updated on April 9th, 2017 at 10:09 pm

Senior White House officials are admitting that the missile strike against Syria was not part of a broader strategy or part of an effort to remove Assad. In other words, the missile strike was a meaningless slap on the wrist that was intended to make Trump look strong.

Jim Acosta of CNN reported:

Trump has no strategy in Syria. There is no campaign to remove Assad. In other words, the missile strike was a use of military resources to make it look like Donald Trump is doing something about Syria when he really isn’t and has no intention of doing anything.

In typical Trump fashion, the missile strike was a big showy empty gesture that was intended to get the president some good press.

The message that this White House sent to Assad was that the only price he will have to pay for using chemical weapons on his is own people is having 50 missiles lobbed in his direction. A missile strike without a plan is an empty gesture. Assad now knows that Trump is all talk and little action. He can do whatever he wants because Trump isn’t serious about Syria.

Much like Trump’s presidency, the missile strike was another loud but ultimately empty gesture by a president who incapable of formulating and pursuing coherent policies.

Update: There is some dispute over whether the White House admitted that this an empty gesture, but subsequent admissions by this White House that they have no intention of removing Assad suggest that the missile strike may very well be an empty gesture.

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