Bernie Sanders Scorches Trump With An Amazing 30 Second Answer On War And The Middle Class

During an interview on Meet The Press, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) turned the tables on Trump and warned Republicans that they should be helping the middle class and rebuilding America instead of spending more money on the war in the Middle East.


Sen. Sanders said, “All that I’m saying here is that we’ve got to be clear about what our goals are and not do it unilaterally, and understand. Also, may I say that when we have a collapsing middle class and 28 million people without health insurance, and an infrastructure that needs a trillion dollars of repair, that maybe we don’t want to throw trillions of dollars more into perpetual, unending warfare in the Middle East.”

Bernie Sanders showed America the difference between a real deal public servant who cares about the middle class and a pretender.

During a 2011 CNN interview, Trump called the war in Iraq a waste of money and lives:

Fast forward to 2017, and as president, Donald Trump is wasting millions of dollars and ending innocent lives with a pointless missile strike in Syria.

Trump ran on keeping America out of wars and fixing America’s infrastructure. So far, he has spent hundreds of millions of dollars more on the war in the Middle East than he has on infrastructure.

Sen. Sanders used an attack line on Trump that Democrats are going to repeat in 2018. Trump has done the opposite of what he promised.

Bernie Sanders delivered an attack on this president’s hypocrisy that will perfectly fit in a 30-second ad.

Sanders showed why Trump is going to be a gigantic anchor around the necks of the Republican Party in 2018 and beyond.