Epic Burn: Rick Wilson Calls Trump A ‘Man-Baby President’ Who Needs ‘Adult Supervision’

GOP strategist and outspoken Donald Trump critic Rick Wilson was once again on his best Trump trolling game on Monday when he appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes.

In a discussion about the administration’s mixed messaging on its Syria policy and the overall mismanagement of the White House, Wilson slammed Trump as a “man-baby” in need of somebody who can provide “adult supervision.”


In his epic takedown of Trump and the culture of mismanagement in the White House, Wilson said this:

Every president benefits from having a strong, effective chief of staff. Reince Priebus is a nice man, a good administrator in some ways, but he is not adult supervision for this man-baby president. He is not able to say to Trump, “Stop tweeting, shut up, read your speeches, go to these events, do these things, make these calls, stop having 47 people rush in and out of your office and change your mind on things every 30 seconds.” There’s a lot of talk about whether Reince Priebus will leave or stay. The question is would you even notice at this point? This is a president who manages himself. He is not managed by a chief of staff and every president needs one. It’s an iron law of Washington.

Not only was Wilson’s latest Trump burn hilarious, but it’s also a spot-on description of the dysfunction that has consumed the new White House over the past several months.

West Wing staff shakeups in this administration mean nothing if the unhinged man at the top remains in his position.

As the headline from a piece in The Daily Beast noted today: “The Trouble With Trump’s White House Is Donald Trump.”

While Trump is surrounded by some questionable figures, like Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, the main cause of the lack of competence and clear policy focus comes straight from the man – or, as Wilson said, man-baby – in the Oval Office.

When voters elect an unfit man without a trace of policy knowledge, they should expect a bumbling White House without any clear agenda.