Trump Is So Unpopular That Not Even Bombing A Baby Killing Dictator Can Help His Approval Rating

President Donald Trump is so unpopular that not even bombing the baby gassing Assad regime in Syria can help his approval ratings according to the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll.

Here is the poll via Gallup:

One might expect that Trump’s approval ratings would improve after he launched a missile strike against the Assad regime due to the Syrian dictator’s gassing of his own people, but those conventional political expectations have never run into an immovable object as solid as Donald Trump’s low approval rating.

Trump’s approval rating has dropped two points in the last six days. Approval of Trump’s job performance as president has gone from 42% to 40%. Trump’s disapproval has steadily ranged from 52% to 54% over the last six days.

From a cynical political point of view, launching a missile strike at one of the world’s most brutal dictators should result in an approval ratings bump, but the problem for Trump is that Americans don’t want anything to do with a new war in the Middle East. Anything that remotely seems like a drift towards war will be met with reactions ranging from distrust to opposition.

Through his constant lying Trump has built up a reservoir of bad will and mistrust with the majority of Americans, and it looks like nothing short of leaving office will boost his popularity with most voters.

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