One Special Election Voter Shows Why Republicans Are So Nervous About Kansas

The story of one Kansas House special election voter whose husband always votes Republican, but decided not to vote today, explains why Republicans are so nervous about an election that may be closer than anyone expected.


The MSNBC report detailed why Democrats feel hopeful and enthusiastic, but it was the story at the end of the report about a woman who always votes for the Democratic candidate, but her husband cancels her out by voting Republicans, but he wasn’t enthusiastic, so he didn’t show up to vote.

Complacency is why Republicans should be nervous about the Kansas special election. Donald Trump carried the district by 27 points, but the problem is that Trump is unpopular nationally. Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is deeply unpopular, and hardcore Republican voters might not be all that interested in turning out for a special election after Republicans kept control of Congress, won the White House, and got their Supreme Court justice confirmed.

The House special election is the perfect storm for complacency.

What should Democrats expect in Kansas?

Anything less than a 20 point Republican win will send a clear message that the GOP may have a major problem on its hands heading into 2018. Republicans and outside groups have put millions of dollars in resources into this election. If their voters don’t turn out in a deep red district, it will signal trouble on the horizon for Republicans in competitive districts around the country in 2018.

A Democratic victory would be a shocking political upset, and it would send the GOP into full panic mode.

The margin is what to watch for in this election because special election margins can give a hint as to which way the winds are blowing ahead of a midterm election.