Trump Attorney: “Everyone Needs to Get on the President’s Message” on Syria

Donald Trump’s mangled excuse for a foreign policy is now raising so many eyebrows that his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is now chiming in, trying to clarify everything Trump hasn’t said about Syria by saying “Everyone Needs to Get on the President’s Message.”

That’s great. But nobody knows what Donald Trump’s “message” is. Including, shockingly, the guy who needs to know most, our Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson:

“Everyone needs to get on board with the president’s message, whether its Tillerson or Spicer or whoever, they need to get on the president’s message because the American people want to hear a unified message.”

Watch courtesy of CNN:

Cohen was eager to assure Chris Cuomo and the rest of us that we’re all in good hands:

“A smart man will go ahead and listen to many different people and he will then take that information, digest it, and use it in order to make the best case for what he wants to effectuate.”

According to Cohen, Trump is “smart and decisive” and a “swift-acting individual” who listens to people and will eventually tell us what the hell he thinks he is doing.

He also promised that Trump will at some point address the nation because he’s “not shy of the media, not shy of television.”

It might be a good idea if, before he tells us, he tells his closest advisers what he’s thinking. Because Trump cannot just listen to other people. He has to have a few ideas of his own, and those have been little in evidence during the opening months of his administration.