Ex-British Spy Claims Trump Secretly Took Money From Russia To Save His Failing Business

Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove is revealing yet another bombshell in the never-ending scandal surrounding Donald Trump’s questionable ties to Russia – and this one is a doozy.

According to The Sun, Dearlove claims the president had to secretly take money from Russia in order to keep his business empire from crumbling.

“What lingers for Trump may be what deals – on what terms – he did after the financial crisis of 2008 to borrow Russian money when others in the west apparently would not lend to him,” Dearlove said in an interview with Prospect.

Now it’s not just U.S. intelligence agencies that believe there is something worth investigating when it comes to the president’s connections with Russia. The former head of the British spy agency thinks there is something fishy here, too.

This is just another reason why Donald Trump needs to release his tax returns so the American people know exactly the extent of his financial ties to Russia or anybody that could have ties to the Russians.

The former spy chief didn’t stop there, though. He also weighed in on the president’s claim that Barack Obama ordered British intelligence agency GCHQ to illegally wiretap Trump Tower during the campaign. Dearlove called the assertion “deeply embarrassing” for the president.

The ex-spy said that it’s likely “Trump started tweeting without understanding” the relationship between U.S. and British spy agencies – something he seems to do on just about every issue.

A “deeply embarrassing” man with sketchy financial entanglements – that about sums up Donald Trump.