Panicked Trump Flees Carter Page Scandal by Running to Fox to Sell Obama Lies

Donald Trump appeared on Fox Business Network‘s “Mornings with Maria” this morning to paint himself as a humanitarian hero rather than the publicity-stunt-seeking war profiteer he is.

Then there is the fact that throwing mud at Obama is sure way to distract Fox viewers from the growing Carter Page met with a Russian spy scandal.

He sat down with the accommodating Maria Bartiromo and spewed some more lies about how when he hit a Syrian airfield with missiles he did what President Obama “should” have done when he had the chance, even though at the time Trump repeatedly told Obama not to attack Syria.

“But when I see people using horrible, horrible chemical weapons – which they agreed not to use under the Obama administration, but they violated it.

“Hey look, what I did should have been done by the Obama administration long before I did it. And you would have had a much better — I think Syria would be a lot better off right now than it has been.”

Never mind that President Obama was told by Republican-controlled Congress that he could not act without their approval, while Trump acted unilaterally, without bothering to seek permission according to the War Powers Act that is supposed to prevent such unilateral action by a president.

Fox Business Network is not about to challenge Trump with his own inconvenient words that prove the lie of his current claims. When the going gets tough, Donald Trump gets going to Fox News. And this is why.

He told Bartiromo how upset he was at the images of mangled children but even after seeing them he has no coherent policy on Syria. He said at the outset, “We’re not going into Syria,” after all.

His few missiles changed nothing and the biggest impact of the attack was felt not on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or his victims, but on his pocketbook and his own inflated ego.