Democrats Demand Jared Kushner Lose Security Clearance As Russia Scandal Reaches Oval Office

After Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner failed to disclose two meetings with high profile Russians, House Democrats are demanding that Kushner’s security clearance be suspended.

In a letter to FBI Director James Comey and National Background Investigations Director Charles Phalen, the House Democrats wrote:

The Democrats are correct. By not disclosing his meetings with Russians while he was applying for national security clearance, Kushner has opened the door to a review of whether or not he has been compromised. Little by little as each day passes, the Russia scandal gets closer to the Oval Office and Donald Trump. If Trump’s son in law was meeting with the Russians, the president certainly knew about it and was likely involved in the conversations.

The walls of plausible deniability that all scandal-plagued administrations attempt to build around their presidents are beginning to crumble. The scandal is getting closer and closer to Trump. If and when the Russia scandal reaches Trump’s own family, the writing will be on the wall.

Trump can launch missile attacks and drop big bombs, but Russia is always still there. The Russia scandal is an ever present shadow on the wall that follows Donald Trump everywhere he goes.

Democrats aren’t going to stop pushing, and if they win back the House or Senate in 2018, one of their first moves will be to launch a full and independent investigation into Donald Trump and Russia. No matter what, the Russia scandal has inched the closest that it has ever been to the Oval Office.