Maxine Waters Says Trump Is No Longer Just A Bully – He’s A Clear And Present Danger To America

It has always been clear that Donald Trump is an egomaniacal buffoon totally unfit for the office of the presidency. But the longer he occupies the White House, the more obvious it becomes that his unhinged and reckless personality isn’t just something to laugh at – it’s putting us all at risk.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters underscored this point on Thursday, taking to Twitter to express how Trump is no longer just a bully, but a clear and present danger to the country.


Many Americans have done their best to laugh off Trump as a cartoonish, self-loving bully, but his actions, particularly those in recent days, have shown that he is no longer just someone to laugh at.

In less than a week, the new commander-in-chief has launched politically motivated airstrikes in Syria, dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan, and is now reportedly plotting to preemptively attack North Korea – three major military actions of which we still don’t know the full consequences.

Not to mention, as Rep. Waters said in her tweets, that at home he is squandering taxpayer money on constant vacations to his resort while simultaneously trying to upend the American health care system and dismantle Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump in the White House is no longer a joke. He’s a clear and present danger to the people of the United States and, increasingly, the world.

A bully armed with a Twitter account is one thing, but the same bully with access to America’s nuclear arsenal is a whole other ballgame.