Eric Trump Tells America To Stop Hurting His Daddy’s Feelings With Facts

President Trump’s son Eric said in an interview that his dad’s feelings get hurt when people say “falsehoods,” and question the legitimacy of his presidency.

In an interview with Irish Independent, Eric Trump complained that the “falsehoods” hurt his Dad’s feelings:

What is the one thing that is said which hurts his father the most?

“The falsehoods. He is the one person who did not need this job. He is a man who has achieved every aspect of success – wealth, family – in fact so many people often come up to me and talk about him and the concept of the American dream. He is the epitome of the American dream.”

In Trump lingo, “falsehoods” mean facts. Facts like there is evidence that Russia interfered in the presidential election. Facts like Donald Trump is the least transparent president in history, who refuses to release his tax returns and make the White House visitors log public. Facts like Donald Trump is historically unpopular.

Interestingly, Eric Trump didn’t specify what falsehoods hurt his daddy’s little feelings, but the Trump family trait of whining while being a bunch of entitled white billionaires appears to be genetic.

The message from Eric Trump to the American people is that they need to stop saying things that hurt his dad’s feelings like suggesting that his father is not a legitimate president because his campaign colluded with Russia to win the presidential election.

Suggesting that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president because he was elected by 78,000 voters in three states while losing the popular vote is not nice, and we need to stop pointing out such things, or the President will cry himself to sleep in bed each night.

Trump ran a campaign that promoted strength, but as president has shown nothing but weakness. Getting one’s feelings hurt his human, but having your son tell the media that the leader of the world’s only superpower is a fragile little flower who gets bent of shape by things that are said about him is the definition of weakness.

Eric Trump would really like it if we were all nicer to his dad, and we start by pretending that President Trump’s lies are real and the Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 election.