This Incredible Video Shows A Wave Of Voter Rage Swallowing A GOP Senator At A Town Hall

Voter frustration over his dodging of questions related to health care boiled over as angry voters virtually yelled Heller out of the building while chanting yes or no at him.

Video of a constituent trying to nail Sen. Heller down on not supporting anything that puts people in high-risk pools:

Sen. Heller was asked about his position on high-risk pools, when he tried to give a fuzzy answer that involved making sure the questioner was not placed in a high-risk pool, the crowd got restless, and when the questioner followed up with, “I want to make sure that people with preexisting conditions are not relegated to high-risk pools. Yes or no?”

The crowd at Sen. Heller’s town hall erupted into a yes or no chant that left the senator swallowed by a palpable voter rage.

The video above is the reason why no matter what the map says Republicans are in big trouble heading into the 2018 midterms.

Republicans in the House and Senate brought this voter backlash onto themselves by trying to take away people’s health care.

The scene that Dean Heller is facing in Nevada is being repeated at town halls all across America.

The video above is amazing, but it is just one example of people waking up and pushing back against the unpopular agenda of Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans in Congress.

If you listen to those voices in the video above, you can hear the first ripples of a blue wave building for 2018.