Jeffrey Lord Gets The Epic Smackdown He Deserves For Defending Trump’s Tax Dodging

If there’s anybody that deserves a smackdown, it’s Trump-loving CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord. On Monday night, he got just that when he started spewing nonsense to defend Donald Trump’s refusal to let the American people see his tax returns.

When Jeffrey Lord stooped to equating Trump to Woodrow Wilson when it comes to not releasing the documents, former Bill Clinton aide Keith Boykin went off.


But the most intense exchange came after Lord started asking “stupid questions” to his Democratic counterpart on the panel, asking the former Clinton aide, “Did you release your tax returns when you worked for the White House?”

Boykin shot back: “Am I president of the United States, Jeffrey? That’s the dumbest question I’ve ever heard anybody ask on television. You call yourself a political commentator and you ask a stupid question like that, Jeffrey? You should be focused on what President Trump is not doing, not what I am not doing … That’s ridiculous.”

Once again, Lord is showing that he will spew any nonsense – no matter how laughable – to defend his dear leader, Trump. But Lord’s comments would be expected from a guy who’s had one too many drinks at the local saloon, not a political commentator on a major news network.

Just a couple days ago, in fact, Lord compared Trump’s work dismantling America’s health care system to Martin Luther King Jr., calling Trump the MLK of health care.

It’s obvious that Lord lives in another reality and he will say and do anything, no matter how insane, to rationalize every little thing Trump says and does. Lord is free to continue doing this on his own time, but CNN should stop giving him a platform to spew such lunacy.