Trump Spouts Propaganda In Front Of Children And The Easter Bunny At WH Easter Egg Roll


Trump demonstrated that no situation is off limits when it comes to propaganda, as the President tried to boost his ego by telling children and the Easter Bunny about he has gotten America “back on track” at the White House Easter Egg Roll.



Trump just couldn’t help himself. In the middle of reading his prepared history of the White House Easter Egg Roll, the President had to tell a group of kids and the Easter Bunny about how he is getting America back on track.

The polling and reality both disagree with Trump, and there is nothing like a president hijacking a non-political event to spread a little propaganda about how great he is. Trump’s behavior is more proof that no matter what the occassion, this president is not able to put the American people ahead of his own need for validation and approval.

Trump used the Easter Egg Roll and the Easter Bunny to spread propaganda about the greatness of Donald Trump.