Elizabeth Warren Pulverizes Republicans With The One Question That Trump Fears The Most

On NBC’s Today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made the one argument that terrifies Trump and the GOP. Warren asked why is it that the people at the top of the economic ladder get a bunch of tax breaks and to hide their business dealings, while everyone else has to pay for roads, bridges, and schools?


Warren was talking about Trump not releasing his tax returns when she argued, “I’ll tell you this. I think people are going to keep demanding it, and making their voices heard on this. Look, why is it the case that people at the very top should get a bunch of tax breaks should be able to hide their business dealings when everybody else pays? Everybody else gets out there and makes our roads and bridges work makes our schools work. Let’s see what Donald Trump is up to.”

The argument that terrifies Republicans isn’t about Trump’s tax returns. They would gladly have that conversation every day if it got them out of talking about why their economic policies only benefit the people at the very top. One of the key components of Obama’s message, when he won his second term, was that Republican economic policies are unfair and morally wrong. The argument that Warren was making is that it is unfair for everyone else to have to pay while people at the top get tax breaks, and in the president’s case, won’t disclose how much they are benefitting and in what ways.

When Republicans are forced to defend their policies whether it be on health care or taxes, they lose.

Democrats like Sen. Warren will continue to make the moral argument against Donald Trump and Republican economic ideology.

Trump’s tax returns are a symptom, but it is Americans becoming morally outraged over the disease of trickle down economics that Republicans fear the most.