Jon Ossoff Now Projected To Finish Below 50%: Runoff Likely In Georgia Special Election

For much of the evening, Democrat Jon Ossoff looked to be on pace to finish with 50% of the vote, but as the results come in Ossoff is now projected to finish at between 45% and 48.5%, which means that the special election in Georgia will go to a June runoff.

Nate Cohn of The New York Times projects that Ossoff will miss the 50% mark:

Before the election, Ossoff was polling at around 43% of the vote so a finish in the upper 40s would be a great omen for the runoff. Democrats were hoping to avoid a runoff election in a district that Republicans have won since 1979, but a narrow miss in the first round of voting should leave Democrats encouraged.

While things still could turn around with a surprise, it looks like Democrats are not quite done yet in the Sixth District in Georgia.

There is another election to be won, and the good news is that the Ossoff campaign was already preparing for a runoff.