Trump Show Signs Of Mental Deterioration By Getting Paul Ryan’s Name Wrong In His Hometown

While speaking in Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin, the President repeatedly got Ryan’s name wrong and tried to cover up his mistakes by spewing some nonsensical gibberish to the befuddled crowd. This is a president who may not be holding up well under the demands of the job.


Trump said, “My thanks go to Speaker Ryan whose represented this city for nearly two decades in Congress. And you know where he is? He’s with NATO, so he has a good excuse, and I said, Ron, make sure these countries start paying their bills a little bit more. You know, they’re way way behind, Ron. I’m going to talk with you about that, Ron. Trump then pointed to Sen. Ron Johnson, and continued, “But Paul, you’re over with NATO, get them to pay their bills.”

Trump got Ryan’s name wrong multiple times. This is the Speaker of the House that he was talking about, not some back bencher that he has never met before. The President was obviously trying to go off script and showed signs of confusion. Donald Trump should know the name of the Speaker of the House in his sleep. He should know the name of the Speaker of the House when he is speaking in the man’s hometown.

The rest of the speech was an endless stream of Trump propaganda greatest hits. He boasted about the 2016 election, promised that his tax plan which has been delayed until next year is coming soon, and said with a straight face that no administration had done more in its first 90 days in history:

For the record, Trump has 0 legislative accomplishments in his first 90 days, which makes him the least accomplished president in modern American political history.

Something is clearly not right with Donald Trump. The man is in his 70s and working at the most fast-moving and stressful job in the world. We are less than 100 days into his first term, and there are signs that Donald Trump can’t keep up with the demands of the job. His nearly every weekend vacations to the golf course are an indication of a retirement mentality, not a president who is hands on steering the world’s only superpower.

Trump isn’t going to get any younger while in the White House, so as time goes by, the odds are that these mental slip ups will be more the norm than the occasional gaffe.