Bill O’Reilly’s History Of Sexual Harassment Forces Him Out Of A Job – Trump Should Be Next

The big – and great – news of the day is that prime-time Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly is finally off the air after being buried alive by a growing number of sexual harassment allegations against him.

The stunning downfall of O’Reilly comes a little over two weeks after The New York Times reported that both the conservative host and Fox have paid out millions in hush money to at least five women that accused O’Reilly of sexually harassing them.

Following the report, dozens of advertisers pulled out of O’Reilly’s show, and Fox finally came to the conclusion that it was time to move on, leaving the right-wing hack unemployed for the first time in decades.

While this is good news for human beings who think men of status shouldn’t get away with sexual harassment, it also begs one important question: If a cable news commentator is forced out of his job for a long history of sexual harassment allegations, why shouldn’t the President of the United States be held to the same standard?

Bill O’Reilly lost his job on Wednesday, and Donald Trump should be next.

Let’s remember that Trump is actually on tape admitting that he uses his celebrity status to “grab” women wherever and whenever he wants.

Here’s a reminder:

While the Access Hollywood tape is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the president’s treatment of women, Trump – like unemployed O’Reilly – has faced a long line of similar allegations from women.

At least 13 women – a full baker’s dozen – have accused Trump of making unsolicited physical contact with them, according to The Daily Beast, whether it’s “forcibly kissing, inappropriately touching or looking at them, or worse.”

New York Magazine has an even more comprehensive – and disturbing – list of Trump’s treatment of women and girls.

This is aside from his well-known history of creeping into pageant dressing rooms unannounced or verbally assaulting women for their physical appearance.

It’s no wonder the man now occupying the Oval Office was one of O’Reilly’s staunchest defenders – Trump is, after all, not so different from the former Fox cable host.

Except, now, there is one major difference – Trump still has a job, while O’Reilly doesn’t.

If this type of behavior precludes somebody from hosting a one-hour talk show, then it certainly should disqualify a man from holding the most powerful and prestigious office in the world.

It’s good that O’Reilly is gone, but Trump should most certainly be next.