With Democrat Jon Ossoff Winning “Rare Data Error” Delays Georgia Special Election Results

A rare data error has held up the vote counting in Fulton County, Georgia as Democrat Jon Ossoff was leading the special House election.

The rare data error is a new twist on what is becoming a regular problem in US elections:

Putting aside potential election meddling for a moment, the US clearly has a broken election infrastructure that is outdated and not secure. Social media is buzzing with conspiracy theories about voting machines, but since the 2000 election, voting machine conspiracies have become the norm in both parties.

Democrat Jon Ossoff was unlikely to get to 50% due to the political leanings of precincts still to be counted, but something is very wrong when in the United States can’t even conduct a low turnout House election without experiencing issues.

The fact is that the election infrastructure used in the United States is not trustworthy, and our elections will be open to tampering and interference until state and local governments move to restore confidence in our voting systems. The fact that people automatically assume that an election has been tampered with is a crisis of confidence that undermines our democracy.

The current occupant of the White House spent a month discrediting the US elections while working with the Russians during the 2016 campaign, so if the American people want their elections to once again be a shining example of democracy, they are going to have to take matters into their own hands, run for state and local office, and fix this problem themselves.