Elizabeth Warren Sounds The Alarm: Trump Is About To Deliver Knockout Blow To The Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren urged Democrats to stand up and fight Donald Trump’s catastrophic policies on Wednesday, warning the country that the president is on the verge of delivering the final knockout blow to the middle class.

Warren told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Trump used misdirected anger to get himself elected and now he’s about to hurt the very people that sent him to the White House.


Warren first pointed out that Americans are “deeply angry” and Trump was able to successfully use that anger to propel his Electoral College victory last November.

“People are right to be angry,” Warren said, adding that Trump wrongly directed that anger toward minorities to fuel his campaign. “He told a story. It’s just the wrong story.”

She went on to say that all the promises Trump made to his supporters have completely collapsed in less than 100 days.

“Donald Trump promised – he said, ‘You elect me and I’m gonna get out there and I’m gonna work for you,’ and look at what he’s done,” she said. “He’s been in place less than 100 days and … he has already signed off on a law to make it easier for employers to steal their employee’s wages. He’s made it easier for companies that kill and maim their employees, to hide that information. He’s made it easier for investment advisers to cheat retirees. And for me, I gotta tell you, the Trumpcare was like the whole package wrapped up in one. He embraced this idea that the way we’re going to move this country forward, the way we’re going to reform health care, is we’re gonna knock 24 million people out of health care coverage.”

Warren concluded: “This isn’t about what Donald Trump says. This is about what Donald Trump does. And he’s delivering one hit after another on working families.”

Not only did Trump ride a wave of minority resentment and misdirected anger into the White House, but now he’s poised to deliver a knockout blow to the very people he promised to help.

Democrats should follow Warren’s lead to not just hammer home how Trump’s policies would be catastrophic for the middle class, but also to explain how Democratic economic policies will help working Americans get ahead and stay ahead.