Trump Just Got The Shock Of His Life As Sports Fans Around The Country Join The Resistance

A new poll from HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll delivered a certain shock to Donald Trump’s ego as sports fans in every major US sport have joined The Resistance and given Trump a high unfavorable rating.

Here are the basic poll numbers:

Why are sports fans outside of NASCAR, which is having its own issues with a declining fan base and dwindling attendance, so opposed to Trump?

The answer according to The Marist Poll is that sports fans disagree with Trump on health care, immigration, and the Muslim ban:

Looking at some of the hot-button issues facing the nation, at least a majority of sports fans think Congress should let the Affordable Care Act stand as it is or expand it so that it does more. Basketball fans, 73%, and tennis fans, 73%, are more likely than other fans to have this view. NASCAR fans, 57%, and hockey fans, 60%, are less likely. Of note, 35% of NASCAR fans and 30% of hockey fans think Obamacare should be completely repealed. 64% of American residents report the ACA should either remain in its current form, 18%, or change so it does more, 46%. 33% believe Obamacare should be adjusted so that it does less, 7%, or be completely repealed, 26%.

About eight in ten sports fans support providing a Pathway to Citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States, if those immigrants meet certain criteria. Among residents nationally, 83% favor a Pathway to Citizenship while 15% oppose it.

Regarding President Trump’s executive order to limit entrance to the United States of non-American citizens from six majority-Muslim countries, a majority of NASCAR fans, 58%, favor the president’s action. At least half of other sports fans, with the exception of hockey fans who divide, 47% to 49%, oppose the president’s order. Tennis fans, 61%, and basketball fans, 60%, are the most likely sports fans to oppose President Trump’s executive action.

If you are a sports fan who is watching anything besides NASCAR, there is a good chance that most of the people who are also watching oppose Donald Trump. After the sports friendly presidency of Barack Obama, sports fans are increasingly taking a stand and rejecting Trump.

The Resistance isn’t just about politics. Resistance is spreading to the sports world, as pretty soon there will be nowhere in sporting America outside of a NASCAR race that welcome the presence of Donald J. Trump.