Republicans To Vote Next Week To Take Away Health Care For Those With Preexisting Conditions

Trump and Republicans are circulating new legislative language and hoping for a vote on Wednesday on a new health care that would strip protections away from people with preexisting conditions.

Robert Costa of The Washington Post reported:

The new language they are circulating kills insurance protections, and minimum standards of coverage for people with preexisting conditions. Premiums would skyrocket for tens of millions of additional Americans beyond the 24 million who are slated to lose their coverage under American Health Care Act.

Republicans are going to vote on legislation that would allow insurance companies to discriminate against people who have preexisting conditions because Donald Trump is obsessed with winning over the Freedom Caucus in the House.

Robert Costa followed up by noting that Republicans have no idea if this bill can get the 216 votes needed to pass the House:

The same moderate Republicans who voted against the bill last time, are going to vote against it again. The American Health Care Act tanked approval ratings for both Trump and the Republican Party. The good news for Democrats is that Republicans have come back with an even worse bill that will once again make it clear to the Americans that Republicans are on a mission to take away their health care.

The health care fight isn’t over. It’s time to get all hands on deck because round two is going to start next week.