The Resistance Invades Montana And Donates $2 Million To Dem Special Election Candidate Rob Quist

The Resistance is showing up in a big way ahead of the House special election in Montana as small donors have raised $2 million for Democratic Rob Quist.

In a press release, his campaign announced the fundraising milestone, “The momentum continues to build for Rob Quist’s grassroots campaign to be an independent voice for everyday Montanans. In just over 6 weeks, Rob’s campaign raised $2 million from mainly small donations. Nearly 40,000 individuals have donated to the campaign with an average contribution of $32.”

Quist campaign spokesperson Tina Olechowski said, “Rob Quist has the momentum and excitement behind him with hundreds of Montanans coming to events across the state and small donations flooding into the campaign. Montanans across party lines are supporting Rob, because they know he will stand up for everyday working people, not corporate special interests.”

The grassroots Resistance isn’t going it alone in Montana. The DCCC has jumped into the race with a six-figure investment, which is a sign that after the special election results in Kansas and Georgia, Democrats are starting to believe that they have real momentum on the ground. It is also an omen that election analysts think that Democrats have a shot of pulling off a win on May 25.

Quist is exactly the sort of independent outsider candidate that one would expect to come out of Montana.

Here is his latest campaign ad on defending Second Amendment rights:

The Democratic Party needs to be the party that really will drain the Trump swamp, and Rob Quist is exactly the kind of candidate to do just that. The Resistance is nationwide. It is invading red areas from coast to coast, and Republicans are struggling to stop a movement of the people who want their government back.