Resistance To Trump Grows Stronger And Gives Him The Worst Approval Rating In History

The Resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency is getting stronger as Gallup found that Trump has the lowest first quarter approval rating of any president in the history of polling.

Here is the chart via Gallup:

The numbers speak for themselves. Republicans better forget about comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan. Right now, Trump isn’t even Jimmy Carter. The Gallup poll is a reminder that this supposed to be Trump’s honeymoon period and one of the high presidential popularity.

The resistance movement to Trump is real and getting stronger every single day.

Trump is 14 points the next lowest president in the history of US political polling. Donald Trump would have to experience a major surge in popularity just to become the second least popular president in history.

People aren’t accepting the abnormal as normal. The political system hasn’t adopted and adapted to Trump. Instead, the people and the political system are rejecting Trump’s presidency like a bad organ transplant.

A president who promised to make America tired of winning has turned out to be the biggest loser in history.