Trump Hosted Statutory Rapist Ted Nugent At The White House After Fox Fired Bill O’Reilly

On the same day that Bill O’Reilly was fired at Fox News, Donald Trump hosted sexual predator Ted Nugent and political has been Sarah Palin at the White House for dinner.

Palin posted on her Facebook page:

Yes. That is Sarah Palin and Kid Rock along with Ted Nugent at the White House.

It’s a bit too coincidential that Trump who vocally supported Bill O’Reilly hosted another sexual predator at the White House on the same day that O’Reilly was canned by Fox News.

Ted Nugent, just like Donald Trump, is an admitted sexual predator. Except in Nugent’s case, his preference is statuatory rape.

Having sex with underage girls is a crime. Just like grabbing women by their private parts is a crime.

The White House has gone from a beacon of democracy to a hangout for sex offenders in less than 100 days under Trump.

Donald Trump’s presidency is literally a stomach turning sickening festival of sex crimes that brings shame to our great nation.